Who We Are


We Believe That..

Helping ABA professionals focus on what they are there for-providing the best possible care for the people that need it, is an important job and one we are proud to do.

Standing up for the right to receive efficient and timely payment for services rendered is necessary. We are here to empower and support providers to push back on funders that are not in compliance.

Insurance companies can be bullies (OK- not all of them). Sometimes you just need someone else to step in. Let us bang our head against the wall from automated systems so you won't have to!

The best providers + agencies to work with are ones that are kind, flexible, self aware, and accept that they may not always be the smartest person in the room.

Meet the Team

Sam Hurlburt

Founder & Consultant

Sam has 8+ years of experience in billing private insurance for Applied Behavior Analytic providers. Additionally, she has experience working for an ABA-Based practice management system.

BLOOM came about when she recognized how tremendous the joy she felt in supporting BCBAs and their agencies with efficient, organized processes truly was (very, wonderfully tremendous). She once chased down $1 owed from a carrier for over a year (of course the cost in time was well beyond the dollar, but it was the principle of it). She framed the EOB when it finally paid as a reminder to never give up, even when insurance companies make you feel like you should.

Her passions outside of work are drawing, live music, pool parties, playing with her corgi Frasier, traveling with her almost-husband Scott and their friends, thinking up ridiculous Halloween costumes year-round, and genuine human connections. She is a true believer in finding clients that want to connect and build a strong working relationship.

Jennifer Drown

Director of Billing & Problem Solver

Jenn has spent many years helping provider agencies navigate the world of ABA billing. She has acted as the Director of Operations for a Practice Management System where she worked closely with many provider agencies nationwide to troubleshoot and become more efficient in their billing processes. Her biggest joy is helping others.

Jenn values the ethics of billing and she is always digging deeper to look at why we do what we do and how to be more efficient in doing it. She loves being able to share her experiences, strength, and hope with others every chance she gets. She truly feels like she has never met a stranger in her life.

Jenn is always fighting the good fight when it comes to proper insurance billing and reimbursement. She brings a wealth of knowledge to our clients and is an invaluable part of our team!

Danielle Harkins

Organizational Hotshot & Problem Solver

Danielle has worked on the administrative side of ABA for several years and recently joined the BLOOM team part-time. She has experience with credentialing, contracting, prior authorizations, and much more! She has an innate knack for details on a large scale and is truly an impressive employee and woman!

Danielle is a proud recipient of the Udall Scholarship and is currently working toward completing her Degree in Social Work through NAU. She very much enjoys learning about systems and how change can be made within them.

Her passions outside of work are hanging with her husband Joey and daughter Holly, lifting serious weights like a crazy bad@$$, finding new fun breweries, and exploring nature. Her hero is Michael Scott.

Frasier La Croix Darling Hecker

Director of Cuddles

This little lovebug is BLOOM's #1 non-human sidekick. She directs all the cuddles and will wiggle for love. I know this is cheesy, but if you can't appreciate an adorable corgi, we may not be the best fit.

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