What We Do

What We Do

Billing + Accounts Receivable

From billing and receipt of claims to diligent follow up and concise posting of payments, we make reimbursement for care feel effortless.

For peace of mind of our clients, we bill you based on collected amounts only. We don't get paid until YOU get paid!

Contracting + Credentialing

Having a foundation of properly credentialed staff along with understanding your contract(s) is an essential foundation to proper reimbursement.

Let us help guide you through these processes, whether it is acquiring an NPI or a CAQH # and profile, or getting set up for in-network status with designated funders, let us know what you need and we're on it!

Other Consultative Services

We provide an array of other services, including but not limited to: benefit verification, precertification obtainment, and practice management implementation.

No ABA agency has identical needs, and we have a true knack (and love) for picking up and organizing chaos. Let's chat and find a way for BLOOM to fit into your company's story.

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