BLOOM aba provider consulting

BLOOM aba provider consulting

What We Do

Billing + Accounts Receivable

From billing and receipt of claims to diligent follow up and concise posting of payments, we make reimbursement for care feel effortless.

For peace of mind of our clients, we bill you based on collected amounts only. We don’t get paid until YOU get paid!

Contracting + Credentialing

Having a foundation of properly credentialed staff along with understanding your contract(s) is an essential foundation to proper reimbursement.

Let us help guide you through these processes, whether it is acquiring an NPI or a CAQH # and profile, or getting set up for in-network status with designated funders, let us know what you need and we’re on it!

Other Consultative Services

We provide an array of other services, including but not limited to: benefit verification, precertification obtainment, and practice management implementation.

No ABA agency has identical needs, and we have a true knack (and love) for picking up and organizing chaos. Let’s chat and find a way for BLOOM to fit into your company’s story.

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Who We Are


We Believe That..

Helping ABA professionals focus on what they are there for-providing the best possible care for the people that need it, is an important job and one we are proud to do.

Standing up for the right to receive efficient and timely payment for services rendered is necessary. We are here to empower and support providers to push back on funders that are not in compliance.

Insurance companies can be bullies (OK- not all of them). Sometimes you just need someone else to step in. Let us bang our head against the wall from automated systems so you won’t have to!

The best providers + agencies to work with are ones that are kind, flexible, self aware, and accept that they may not always be the smartest person in the room.

Meet the Team


Sam Hecker

Founder & Consultant

Sam has 12+ years of experience in billing insurance for ABA providers. Additionally, she has experience working for an ABA-Based practice management system. Sam holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Arizona State University.

BLOOM came about when she recognized how tremendous the joy she felt in supporting BCBAs and their agencies with efficient, organized processes truly was (very, wonderfully tremendous). She once chased down $1 owed from a carrier for over a year (of course the cost in time was well beyond the dollar, but it was the principle of it). She framed the EOB when it finally paid as a reminder to never give up, even when insurance companies make you feel like you should.

Her passions outside of work are drawing, live music, pool parties, playing with her corgis Frasier + Marty, traveling with her husband Scott and their friends, watching bad reality tv, and genuine human connection. She is a true believer in finding clients that want to connect and build a strong working relationship.


Danielle Curley

Director of Accounts Receivable & Problem Solver

Danielle brings a wealth of expertise to the BLOOM team, boasting nearly a decade of experience in the realm of ABA administration. Her extensive background in this field encompasses a profound understanding of credentialing, contracting, prior authorizations, billing, and accounts receivable management. Her commitment to detail, fearless stance when dealing with resistant insurance companies, and overarching dedication to delivering the highest-quality services to individuals diagnosed with ASD serve as the driving forces behind her remarkable success and continued growth as an ABA administrative professional.

Danielle’s exceptional ability to grasp complex systems coupled with her talent for establishing company-wide processes geared towards efficiency and organization, have been pivotal in her role as the Director of Accounts Receivable at BLOOM. Her efforts to streamline her department resulted in the development of a comprehensive AR workflow that empowers our team to confidently address even the most intricate claims challenges. This workflow offers a holistic perspective on each patient’s insurance situation, preventing any mishandling of claims, whether it’s a denial, underpayment, overpayment, or any other issues that occasionally arise. With this meticulously designed workflow in place, our clients can have complete confidence that their claims are receiving the expert attention they deserve.

Beyond her remarkable professional achievements, Danielle leads an active and fulfilling personal life. She cherishes moments spent with her daughter, Holly, and her boyfriend, Derrek. Together, they actively pursue enjoyable experiences, including kayaking, exercising, attending Diamondbacks baseball games (go Dbacks!), enjoying funny movies, exploring new restaurants, and even trying their hand at softball or basketball, albeit with varying degrees of success. Danielle also embraces her role as a dog mom to Jameson and Elsa and humorously acknowledges her status as a cat-adjacent human (after all, with cats, you don’t own them, they own you) thanks to her feline friend, Smudge. Danielle’s genuine love for the life she’s crafted shines through.


Alison Ford

Billing Specialist + Problem Solver

Alison brings over 18 years of invaluable medical billing expertise to the BLOOM team. Her journey from data entry roles to overseeing billing for up to 28 practices as a regional manager showcases her versatility. Known for her self-reliance and willingness to dive into any task, Alison is a detail-oriented professional and a master of MS Excel formulas. She takes immense pride in her work, aiming to make processes more efficient for herself and her colleagues.

Originally from Mesa, AZ, Alison has called vibrant Las Vegas home since 2002. Outside the billing world, she is a roller-skating enthusiast and a proud fur-mama to two Pomeranian sisters, Gwinnie and Mochi. A passionate Miami Dolphins fan, Alison also enjoys bingo, traveling, movies, and quality time with her family. Exploring new restaurants, particularly indulging in Asian cuisine with her partner Marq, is a shared joy. A delightful fun fact: Alison appeared on the gameshow Catch21; meeting none other than Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!

Alison’s hard-working, vivacious nature makes her an incredible addition to Team BLOOM, embodying dedication, and a zest for life.


Jazcelyn Nunez

Account Support Representative + Problem Solver

Jazcelyn has worked in front office healthcare for over 12 years. Jaz loves problem-solving, helping others, and she prides herself on being a healthcare advocate and team player! She is a Tucson, AZ native and loves spending summers by the pool with her 3 boys and planning date nights (that she never really gets to have) with her husband Paul. Their home runs on faith, family, and love- their newest edition is Chuy, a miniature loodle aka labradoodle.


Stephanie Bradley

Account Support Representative + Problem Solver

Stephanie, a proud resident of Gilbert, AZ, brings her unique blend of warmth, dedication, and a touch of quirkiness to every aspect of her life. Our newest problem solver to join BLOOM, she brings more than 17 years of healthcare experience and many, many moons of hospitality before that.

Originally from Winslow, ME, Stephanie loves photography, music, and used clothing (she will brag about anything she can find for under $10…especially if it has pockets!).

Stephanie, her husband, and two children love playing UNO, cheering on the Diamondbacks, Cardinals, and Suns, and if the weather is over 80 degrees you will more than likely find them in the pool.

Stephanie has a passion for organizing, a strong desire to challenge herself, and enthusiasm to learn something new every day. In her spare time, she enjoys eating tacos and sharing memes and gifs.

She loves finding beauty in the ordinary of the world and tries to find joy in the everyday moments of life. One of her favorite quotes is, “Be an open book and let your light shine through.”


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